Tabletop Fountains Offer Flexibility With Style

January 15, 2022 by No Comments

Adding an indoor fountain to your home may seem like a big decision, but a tabletop fountain can be the answer. Not only will a fountain that fits on a table allow you to enjoy the melodic sounds of nature, but it comes with more flexibility than other indoor fountains. A tabletop fountain is perhaps the most versatile of its kind, as it not only comes in a variety of styles but can also be moved to almost anywhere inside your home or patio. And you can use a tabletop fountain as sort of an easy and cheap test run to make sure you’d like a larger indoor fountain without the risk of spending the money uninformed.


Tabletop fountains need only three things to function: water dab rigs , a power source and a flat, clean surface. First, the power source is going to challenge you with an important choice of using batteries or an electrical outlet. Both types will function equally, but battery-operated fountains give you a few more luxuries. You won’t have to find a table near an electrical outlet; you won’t have to find a way to hide the cord; and you will have complete freedom as to where to place the fountain, even in the middle of a room (since there’s no cord to trip over). You also have a lot of leeway in terms of decor with a tabletop fountain. It can serve as a centerpiece to a living room or sitting area, or it can complement a bedroom or study by providing relaxing sounds from a shelf or corner table.

Most people who purchase a fountain do so for the wonderful watery sounds, and since tabletop designs are available in so many arrangements, it’s easy to find the right level of sound for the setting. Available in almost every type of fountain (cascading, water wall, spiral steps, free fall, bubbler without a basin, bubbler with a basin, tiered, waterfall, etc.), the options are nearly limitless. Many designs opt for a natural or oriental theme as fountains are commonly used for relaxation and meditation. The white noise created can help drown out interruptions, traffic, neighbors or roommates to help you sleep more soundly and ease the uncomfortableness of tinnitus. The bubbling and gurgling can aid in meditation by eliminating distractions and allowing focused thought.

Somewhere, there’s a perfect water fountain for every garden, lawn or patio. The trick is finding the one that best complements your space while providing the right amount of splashy sound. With all of the available options on the market, it can take quite some time to peruse every design. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the basic types of outdoor fountains and you’ll be on your way to adding a bit of natural music to your home.

Whether your home is noisy, quiet or in between, water fountains bring about a wonderful calming sensation. Noisier fountains can soothe irritating sounds such as traffic or neighborhood dogs. And for those who live in a quiet area, quiet fountains can provide an unobtrusive break in the silence. Fitting the fountain to the noise level will ensure you’ll enjoy your fountain for years to come.

Noisy neighborhoods: Traffic, neighborhood children, dogs, construction – it can all add up to a giant headache. To quell some of the noise, counter with a noisy fountain. Fountains that cascade, are tiered, or employ a steady stream with a longer dropping distance will provide more splash than other models. Styles may also include free-standing fountains and wall fountains with a basin. Fountains that shoot water into the sky look great in koi ponds and other water features. Place the fountain between your outside sitting area and the direction from which the most noise comes to get the most out of your fountain. (If the majority of neighborhood sound is coming from your weekly barbecues, then a noisy fountain may interfere with conversations, so place the fountain farther away.)

Quiet neighborhood: Those who have a large yard, are surrounded by trees or simply live in a very quiet part of town can benefit from a bubbly fountain. Bubblers, boulder fountains, wall fountains, and streams add just the right amount of babbling to a hushed area. Bubblers don’t require a basin as the water is generally self-contained. However, boulder fountains bubble the water on top and allow it to stream down the sides, created a lovely focal point in any landscape. Streams can cut through stairs, patios or lawns and even feature a waterfall. The trickling water will help break up the monotony in a most serene way.

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