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EFFECTS OF THE GAMES DECREASE HEALTH FOR STUDENTS – Game is something that is very popular among students. In some country, we can see that many students play games aal the time. Online games that are in great demand include Point Blank, Free Fire. Whether it’s an online game or an offline game. Many students are willing to spend their time on games that they are most interested in rather than being used for learning.

Even in addition to playing online games, many students play gambling through attractive online sites such as the best online gambling, popular baccarat, domino99 and many more.

This of course cannot be tolerated, because apart from playing gambling against the law dominoqq terpercaya , another effect is that students do not care about their responsibilities, namely studying, and prefer to spend their time playing games. This will lead this nation to deception and even destruction.

And as we see that not of all students spend time playing games all the time, and they also forgetting about other responsibilities. At the end,  games decrease health will happen to people like this. Which is where the brain and body also need rest to be able to start a new day tomorrow with a fresh mind.

It is unfortunate, students can’t manage time for themselves, where many of them choose to stay up late when playing games. And in this case finally games decrease health to the players.

And of course apart from making health decline, this also creates a sense of laziness for these students. Where many students are lazy to go to school just because the night is too cool to stay up late just to play games. Or it could be that the student is going to school but only sleeps all day at school.


This is where the role of parents is needed to build a good generation of students, as well as to apply a disciplined lifestyle to their children for the future. Because of course a student will definitely experience graduation where later they will enter the world of work. This is where the real life for students begins, where they must be able to compete in this cruel world of work.

Of course, if they do not apply a disciplined life or a learning lifestyle to add new insights, it is not impossible that that person will experience defeat in the competition in the world of work.


Playing games for a long time can reduce health. How games decrease health happen, it is because the brain is always forced to play games for a full night, and even eye health here is also at stake. Where eye health can also decrease due to too much staring at the ultraviolet rays that are presented by computers, laptops, or smartphones that are used to be able to play online games.

Therefore stop or limit the time playing games from now on, if you really love your health. And also for parents can also begin to apply disciplined life for the child.

This is also useful for the good of the child and the health of the child where the child can avoid the effects of games that making health decline, for example limiting children to playing games for a maximum of 2 hours. This is as suggested by scientists around the world who agree that the longest time playing games is 2 hours, this is useful for preventing health that will arise for the body.

In addition, parents can also apply a diligent study life for their children, and of course in learning must also pay attention to the time. Learning also should not be done for too long which later can also damage brain performance.

As you know that games decrease health

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