Your Penis Size is Probably Average, But You Can Make it Inches Longer With Your Hands If You Wish

November 8, 2021 by No Comments

Guys see a video of a porn star’s penis and they think oh my god he is so much larger than me, I am pathetic. In the majority of instances, be it a man’s member in a pornography magazine or a video, he is going to be inches over the average erect size. Almost all porn actors are two to four inches over the average erect penis length. If you get too obsessed with thinking that you are super small, you will then lose self confidence and not want to have sex with another woman ever again.

To come back to reality, you must learn the truth, you must get the cold, hard facts. You need to get your facts from professionals. Without a doubt, the best source of information on average penis size was performed by the Kinsey Institute Shibuya Kaho . They observed a group of over fifteen hundred men of all races, sizes, and shapes and took comprehensive measurements. What they found was that 30% of guys had an erect size of around six and six and a half inches. Really big penis length of over seven and eight inches was not common at all. Only a handful of men have manhoods that large.

So, after reading this, you probably see that you are pretty average. This may make you feel relieved or you may want to do something to get bigger. If you want to get bigger, then you can do penis exercises that will allow you to gain inches of length and girth. What you need to do is create an OK symbol with your thumb and index finger, and then gently force blood up your shaft to promote permanent growth of the penis ligaments and fibers. Doing this exercise for 30 minutes, five days a week, will make you inches longer and thicker.

Once you know how your girlfriend generally reacts to dirty talk, you’ll want to slip some naughty words into your daily interactions. You don’t have to be vulgar. In fact, try to steer clear of most things you may have heard in porn movies. Take a softer approach. When first learning how to talk dirty to your girl, try to envelop as many of her senses as possible. This isn’t as hard as it might sound. Imagine you’re an artist and you want to mentally paint a description of all the sensual things you want to do to your girlfriend. How will you make her feel? What will she hear? taste? see?

When you’re just beginning to learn dirty talk, it’s easy to think that you have to go overboard. The truth is that less is more in the beginning! You’re not trying to compete with porn stars here. You don’t have to say the most shocking, filthiest thing you can think of. In fact, women may be turned off by that. Any situation can be a prime chance to introduce naughty talk. Have fun!

One of the biggest concerns for guys who want to start talking dirty to their girlfriends is, “How will she react?” It’s a fair question because you don’t want there to be any sort of awkward moment between the two of you. For this reason, you can take two approaches: direct and straightforward, or indirect and subtle. Which route you take will, of course, depend on factors like the nature of your relationship, your personality, her personality. If you’re really unsure, just drop hints throughout the day and take note of her reaction. Use simple phrases. You can even start with slightly corny phrases like, “Wow, you look good enough to eat.” Just pay attention to how she reacts. If she responds well, take it up a notch and go from there.

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