BYOB Build Your Own Brand – How to Harness the Secret Powers of Personal Branding!

October 30, 2021 by No Comments

Just have a cursory look around your home or office. Your surroundings are full of products and services, each bearing a brand name. Be it the work place or your home, the market place or the highway; every appliance, product or service that is of use to you, has a brand name. The jeans you names for restaurants are wearing, the can of pop you are holding in your hands, the computer you are using, the TV you are watching, and the car you are driving…actually the list could go on – all have brand names.

And brands are everywhere, all the time. Even as you are surrounded by a host of branded goods and services, commercials promoting brands strive to catch your attention 24/7.

Its common knowledge that we are living in a highly consumerist society. The zeal to promote brands of products and services by companies are at its zenith. Brands have made such huge impacts that a two year old baby easily identifies the McDonald brand and many other branded icons. A nine year old boy can easily recognize the McDonalds Golden Arches as well as a host of branded icons and characters that sell to children. School girls love to tote Christian Dior handbags. Boys nurture the secret dream of attracting the maximum number of girls by dabbing themselves with Axe body spray. Adults consume brands rather than products.

It’s a new economy where brands rule. From small businesses to large corporations, the use of brand names to make distinctive appeal to the consumers has become a favored practice. Educational institutions have brands, so do hotels and restaurants. The entertainment industry is full of brands. Sports events and personalities promote brands. ‘Operation Desert Storm’ was a branded military operation and so is ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’.

Brands have marked their presence even in politics and religion. Beginning from religious structures to the religious symbols everything has a distinct mark that separates one religion from another. It’s not the outward appearance alone, the inner values and tenets of religions are also different from each other.

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