Professional Gambling – Where to Get Betting Tips

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Betting on sports can be frowned upon by many people. When one declares they are a professional gambler, eyebrows are raised and knowing smiles belie the fact that people think it’s a foolish pastime. Certainly, most people who gamble lose money – the novice gambler who throws down a loose bet on เว็บตรง a hunch may win one or two bets, but in the end they are hit with a hefty failure, and give up.

Alternatively, they gamble away their life savings, digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole of debt. There is some truth in these stereotypes; gambling addiction is the reason behind many modern personal bankruptcies. However, there are also the significant minority of gamblers who make a living from their talent. They may not even see themselves as gamblers at all, but strategic risk takers. At the end of the day, there is little difference between a city stockbroker, betting his or his client’s money on whether the stock will rise or fall, and the professional gambler who makes small bets where the odds are in his favor.

What was the Largest Bet Ever Made?

The professional gambler scoffs at the novice, even when he makes a big bet that pays off. The risk was too high, and he will get his comeuppance soon enough. The professional gambler is in the business to reduce risk as much as possible, and make a solid living from informed bets. In this endeavor, he must using betting tips and the services of betting tipsters, who are also other bettors who know their craft to a fine art. In the trading world it is known as ‘fundamentals’.

The more information that one has, the more informed a decision one can make. This boils down to what the market (in this case, other bettors) believe the outcome of a sports bet will be. One can get opinions from anywhere – newspapers, magazines, bookies, friends, associates, and increasingly – online.

There are sites where one can pay a membership to get access to the best tips and knowledge out there. Other statisticians, professional gamblers and bet traders will have done the sums for you, and you can drastically reduce your risk by making an informed decision. These betting tips sites are also full of pertinent information on when to make a bet, and with which bookmaker. With the advent of the internet, sports betting has been completely transformed. Those who simply read the Racing Post or make gut decisions are being left at the starting post.

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