Tools and Equipments Required by a Locksmith

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As in every trade, locksmithing also requires the proper tools in addition to knowledge and the required skills. It’s essential for a locksmith to have a wide array of tools to complete a job successfully and on time. Some of these tools are standard locksmith tools, required only by locksmiths and are available at locksmith supply houses while others are everyday tools available anywhere and used by most Emergency Locksmith London people. It’s essential for a locksmith to possess the standard locksmith tools in order to operate. As he gets more proficient, he can buy other tools as the need arises.

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The normal tools of the trade required by a locksmith are key blanks and a key making machine and a key decoder. A decoder helps him to correctly decode cut depths on keys and he can use the tool for rekeying and code cutting. Other tools required by a locksmith are pins, a pin tray to serve pin tumbler locks, extractors for broken keys, cylinder removal tools, a key micrometer for measuring the depth of cuts on keys, pliers for removing cylinder rings and retainers. Additional tools that are used by most locksmiths include a clip removal tool for door handles and window cranks, a pin kit for rekeying, a lock and safe scope among others. Besides these tools, a locksmith also needs code books such as the Reed Code System. Besides card and key guide numbers, other code information is included in these code books to help a locksmith make a key fit a particular lock. Computerized codes are also available and are cheaper and less space consuming than codebooks. Apart from this, a locksmith should also buy technical manuals to keep himself knowledgeable about the latest advances in the industry.

Apart from tools, it’s essential for a locksmith to have a good workshop where he can pin locks, cut keys and rekey locks. If he can have such a workshop at home, it’s more advantageous for him as he can have a convenient and comfortable area to work in. To have a safe workshop, he should ensure that there is proper lighting, and ventilation. The area should be properly soundproofed and there should be an emergency exit so that the locksmith can leave in a hurry if required. He should also ascertain that there are sufficient electrical outlets and that the house’s electrical circuit isn’t overloaded by the power drawn in the workshop. This workshop would also be used to store tools and supplies. Thus, the workshop’s usage and layout is very important as it can greatly facilitate growth in the business.

To be properly kitted, a locksmith has to invest several thousand dollars and if he wishes to specialize in several areas, he will have to buy different tools for each of those areas. Hence, although he might start out with investing a few hundred dollars, he will need to eventually invest an amount that’s proportionate to the growth in his business.

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