Eleven Enemies of Man: A Model Article to Demonstrate How to Write an Interesting Article on a Topic

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Here MAN means mankind. It includes man, woman, children, old, young, educated, uneducated etc and all the human beings who have the faculty of ‘Thought’.

When it is stated ‘Enemies’ it does not mean some enemies from outside, but in fact, in this article, the enemies which we mention are from ‘inside’. They are not some wild animals, harmful germs (not even the 20th century monster HIV/AIDS), atomic radiation etc but they are the enemies created by man’s own thought.

We shall see how thought is playing the mischief and how it creates various enemies for Man.

Thought is the instrument which creates the ‘ego centre’ which is known as “I”. This “I” creates various differences among Man to man. This is the reason for the fight for survival. In this process, it has created several enemies for Man and some of them are listed as follows:

1) CRAVING FOR FOOD: In modern times, getting food for man appears not difficult. Man eats whatever he comes across whether vegetarian, non-vegetarian. Boiled or raw. He locates protein from whatever organic substance he is coming across, grabs them to eat. There is a famous saying “big fish survives by eating the small fish”. It is good that the civilisation has progressed to this level and so man is not a cannibal now save a small percentage of uncivilised people. Otherwise man’s favourite food may be another human being.

Leaving apart cannibalism, the injustice done to the poor, downtrodden and less privileged people are very great that they are deprived of even one time food. Man is grabbing the food of even animals and birds. Several creatures are now extinct for want of food. The Nature’s balance is totally upset because of the excessive food taken by man.

2) CRAVING FOR SEX: The second lust which Man has directly inherited from animals is SEX. (The first being lust for food). Sex is the natural phenomenon following the food. Once the belly is full, all animals including man looks for sex partner. Only a few give recognition to the laws of the land in satisfying their sexual desires. The increasing incidence of HIV infection shows how weak a man is regarding sex. In so much as man does not differentiate regarding selection of food, he/she does not find any difference in choosing the sex partner. Conjugal fidelity has lost its total significance. Mahatma Gandhi once told, ” I shall admit India attained freedom only when a young beautiful girl wearing costly gold ornaments walking alone in a narrow dark lane without facing any danger”. It may take centuries to get this freedom.

3) LUST FOR POWER. Man will do anything to gain power. A peep into the World History will bring to light hundreds of wars and thousands of murders for the sake of power. Son, killing the father, brothers killing each other are quite common in History. The Mahabharata, the great epic of India is about brothers fighting for power. In modern days, even in democratic systems murders, massacres etc are 토토 꽁머니 common to win elections to grab power. We can see in day to day official life also people commit any breach of conduct to get promotions so that they can earn more power. Power is the unique craze for mankind. No other animal craves for power. Man wants to possess more and more power. It satisfies his ego. He wants people around him prostrate, offer respects, offer praising words and worship. The greed for power has reached such a level that man is prepared to replace worship of deities by deifying himself as above God.

4) MONEY: The greatest discovery of mankind in modern times is MONEY. It is said that discovery of FIRE and then Wheel system for transport are the greatest inventions of mankind which have changed their whole lifestyle. Then comes electricity (electronic systems and computer technology included). But on the social side the greatest invention of human society which has changed the whole human attitude, right from a child up to a dying person is MONEY. There are some famous proverbs in Tamil to explain the mighty power of money. A few are as follows: ‘A spear will pierce the Earth only up to some feet, but Money will pierce through any extent’, ‘Those who have money will be given respectable seats, but people with character but without money will be thrown to dust bin’, ‘Even a dead body will open its mouth in awe when shown Money before it.

The entire society is now behind money. In fact now, everything is converted in terms of money. Education, medical treatment, Technology, even parental affection is measured in terms of money. Man is prepared to sacrifice anything for the sake of money. (We may consider GOLD next to money, but following far behind). Man will commit any sin including murdering his own kith and kin for the sake of money.

The importance man is attaching to money deserves another full length article to explain its significance

5) JEALOUSY: Jealousy is mostly a subjective phenomenon. It differs man to man. For an individual human being it changes according to the occasion and persons involved. “Jealousy is our national Character” is a famous Indian saying. Jealousy is a common character, prevailing even between mother and daughter, father and son. Very few are able to totally conquer it, some are able to hide it and many are swayed by it and spoil lives of those who are being envied and spoil their own lives too.

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