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September 16, 2021 by No Comments

We are all busy, busy people.  Certainly there are times when you have wished that you have more time to do something, or you could devote more time to something that you want to do, or that you were allotted more time to complete a very important task.  Of all the resources that we have in our hands, time is the one thing that cannot be returned or refunded, and the one thing that always seems to be in short supply.

There is an old adage that when you want to have something important done, give it to a busy person to work on Email to SMS .  A busy person knows how to squeeze so many tasks into so narrow a time frame and he knows how to create time when he needs to.

This adage holds more truly now than it did before, thanks to today’s technology.  Because of technological developments, particularly those related to computers, the Internet and in wireless communications, it is now possible to get more things done in any given amount of time.  Technology has made it possible to get work done more easily.

But what about time?  Time remains to be a resource that cannot be replaced, refunded or returned.  You either lose time, waste time or use time wisely.  The answer to this is yes.  Technology has made it possible not just to get work done more easily; it has also made it possible to save time and use time more wisely.  There are so many tools available nowadays that can make you productive even during times when you need to be on the road and away from the computer.  After all, with most of us spending an average of 500 to 1,000 hours traveling every year, it only makes sense to use that time spent on the road.

One such tool for increasing productivity while on the move is the SMS gateway.  SMS gateways make it possible for people to reach you wherever you are.  Through an SMS gateway, people can send you emails from their computer, which the gateway will convert to a text message that you can receive on your mobile phone.  This is a very nifty and helpful tool in remaining in touch and informed regardless of your location and regardless of whether you have your laptop with you.

After all, you cannot possibly bring your laptop with you all the time.  And even if you can, you cannot possibly turn it on to check emails while you are, say, driving.  The capacity to receive text messages that were converted from emails can help in keeping you abreast of developments at work or at home.

For example, if you were driving, naturally you would not be able to check your email while waiting for the red light.  That is dangerous and obstructive, not to mention pointless.  Moreover, compulsively checking your email every five minutes is not only strange but also a waste of time.  If someone from your office needs to send you a message urgently and he cannot use his own phone to send you a text message, he can just use a third-party SMS gateway client on his computer to send you an email.  The SMS gateway will convert the email to a text message containing whatever it is that the other person needs to convey.  If it is really urgent, you can park your car somewhere so you would be able to send a reply to the message, call up the other person or check your messages in your inbox on your computer.

The same, of course, can be made to apply from your end.  Let us say you are in a lunch meeting at a restaurant and you do not have your laptop with you.  There is a development in the discussion that you need to confirm or that you need more information from the home base.  If it is not possible for you to make a phone call because it would disrupt the discussion, you can discreetly use an SMS gateway to send a text message that the people at the office will be able to receive as emails on their computers.  Having the capacity to be contacted in this way, through text messages converted from emails, means you stay connected especially in times of crisis.

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