A Prayerful Home!

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“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b)
I had the opportunity to visit the House of Don Emigdio during my visit to the state of Hidalgo in Mexico; He is an eighty year old pillar who has lived a life of powerful faith and prayer and of acting his faith through hard work for the community and the Local church. In fact the local church was built mostly on his own effort, more than forty years ago.
What is interesting about Don Emigdio and his family is that as I entered his home, I felt a sense of cleanliness, of purity, of Godliness, unlike I have ever felt before in my entire life, and a conviction that this was a house of prayer, not just any prayer, but committed prayer, focused prayer, passionate prayer, for the needs of others, not for their own.
As his wife received us, she fired a long, warm and beautiful set of welcoming praises in the name of the Lord as she held our hands. And looking straight at our eyes she gave us this profound sense of peace as if saying ‘my peace I give to you, be welcomed’.

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Prayers

I could not hide my giddiness and restlessness as I sat on a chair at this home, as I could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit stirring me up in warm identification with the sanctity of the environment mud ink .
We had come that Sunday afternoon, right from church after service, on a request by one of the family members that we pray for Don Emigdio, who was bed ridden on a serious case of Kidney failure and diabetes.
And yet as we were invited to his room, I realized they had all the prayer they needed, the Lord was right there with them and his time to part with the Lord had not yet come.
As we entered his room, I could almost taste the flavor of holiness, I almost felt as if I was usurping a place meant for someone pure and perfect.
I saw lying down on that bed the most beautiful expression of peace and contentment, and of confident realization that if he parted that moment there was a crown of glory waiting on the other side.
I knelt in front of his bed and we started praying, and as we did, a soft breeze started blowing in that room and a far yet perceptible sound of angelical music could be heard, as if God was saying, ‘I got my hands on him, and nothing will happen that is not my will’.
In that room we prayed, we sang, we laughed, we clap, and we left filled with the understanding that Don Emigdio will be with us a little longer, but whether he stays or he goes, it will make little difference, his place in heaven has been set apart for him.
I have seen extraordinary cases in my life, this particular one I needed to tell, as it stands as a beautiful example of the greatness of living a prayerful life, and Christ focused life, and a life of love for God and for others.
This family has been prospered both materially and spiritually, yet somehow I am convinced that the material part was just the rest that was added as they sought the Kingdom of heaven and its righteousness throughout their lives. (Matthew 6:33)

This is what Derek Prince writes in the very first paragraph of the first chapter of the book: “For my part, I love to pray and what is more, I get what I pray for. That is just what I am going to teach you how to pray and get what you pray for.”

Such a confidence instilling opening statement urges the reader to immediately start getting into the book. The best thing about it is that Derek Prince is able to deliver on what he writes. He indeed teaches the reader the Biblical foundations for effective prayer. At the same time he equips the reader with the tools needed to experience answered prayer.

Clearly and simply, Prince brings new life to the subject of prayer which has for many has become a staid subject due to the amount of material already available. In the book the reader’s attention is re-focused towards God’s idea of prayer and what His purpose for prayer is.

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