Civil Defence Recruitment in Lagos

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Civil Defence Recruitment (CDR) is a service which provides all personnel who require military training and are of military age with an opportunity to serve in one of many defence fields across the UK. There is a diverse range of experience available to the DV applicants. Some fields include Explosive Ordinance Disposal, firearms training, bomb disposal, body armour and personal protective equipment training. The training given to each applicant must comply with UK standards for military training. As part of the vetting process, military experience and skill are also assessed.

If you want to be in the civil defence recruitment then the first step you need to take is to visit the Nigeria Security recruitment portal and fill in an application form. The portal enables you to apply from any part of the world. This is so as to ensure that only the best candidates get recruited. For all those who may not understand why you would need to visit the Nigeria Security recruitment portal, it is simple. When you go there you will be able to submit your curriculum vitae online and view other profiles. When you have viewed all the profiles, you can contact them and send them an application for consideration.

Before you can submit your application form, you will be required to answer some basic questions pertaining to your background. In addition to this you will be required to submit a scanned passport, signed copy of employment contracts, and certified copies of school certificates. Your application form can be sent in through the post or through email. Another way to send in your application form is through fax. If you have submitted all the above documents in your Nigeria security recruitment portal account, it can be checked if all the documents are there and if you have met the minimum requirements for recruitment.

The portal has been very helpful to the Nigerian federal government in many ways. It enables them to increase their recruitment and to reduce the gap between their requirements and the available resources. For the citizens of Lagos state the portal has also proved to be beneficial as they can easily access the Civil Defence Recruitment Services of the Nigerian federal government without being stopped at the customs and immigration checkpoints. They do not have to worry about any delays and they are immediately assisted.

Apart from Lagos state, the residents of the federal capital territory of Abuja have also benefited from the services of the civil defence recruitment services. The recruitment of men from the capital territory of Abuja increases their manpower requirements and the number of men who have been recruited so far is higher than the requirements. The recruitment in Abuja was begun during the period when the federal government was undergoing radical changes. It is also the home of numerous international terrorism suspects that were arrested by Nigerian authorities during the ongoing war against terrorism in the country. Many of these suspects are from Nigerian backgrounds.

The Nigerian federal government has set up a special division in the Nigerian Police Force to coordinate the Civil Defence Recruitment process. The new command and staff command consist of a head recruiter and representatives of the various organs of the government that are in charge of procuring candidates for the Civil Defence Recruitment. The head recruiter is supposed to coordinate the process with the local recruitment units for men from the different states of Nigeria. The head recruiter is supposed to make an effort to ensure that the men who are recruited are of the standard desired by the Nigerian civil defence command.

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