UCLA Medical School and the Teaching Hospitals

August 30, 2021 by No Comments

Many of us have seen the show ER and have learned a great deal about how the internal workings of an emergency room work. We’ve seen the way doctors come on the scene after all that schooling and have even bigger challenges to surpass once they’ve “made it” to the medical practitioner side of things. What we don’t often see is how much work is involved just to get to the point where you can stand in an emergency room or any hospital and call yourself a doctor. If you’re looking to become a doctor simply because it pays well, you’re in for a real surprise. The reality is that most doctors make an incredible income by the layman’s standards but by their own they are making peanuts. The reality is that there is so much work, so much responsibility, and so much training involved, that never stops- by the way, that the pay doesn’t even come close to matching the work involved F95zone.

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Back to the ER show, one thing you might remember is the way they called this a “teaching hospital” and there were constantly new doctors showing up to get their tenure or to receive their residencies. This process alone takes a great deal of time and you must accomplish a certain amount during your residency for it to count. UCLA medical school has two teaching hospitals (not ER’s specifically but actual full fledged hospitals with many floors, and practice types).

One of the goals of teaching hospitals such as the UCLA medical school’s two, is to create new and innovative ways to practice medicine. These hospitals serve as public research facilities as well as actual hospitals where patients are treated and doctors learn from watching and interacting with other doctors (when they reach a certain point where they are competent to do so). Many new things come out of these hospitals and funding to these hospitals are often determined by these successes and innovative growth of medical practice strategies and techniques. There is a lot of pressure to perform and doctors are encouraged to be proactive in their research and development of new technologies. One such thing that came out of a teaching hospital once was a heart transplant. Imagine how many people would have not lived had this one innovation not happened!

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