Plus-Sized Red Dresses – Choosing A Vibrant Dress That Fits

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Most overweight women feel embarrassed about their figure and as a result, buy clothes that hide their bodies instead of boldly flaunting them. If you are overweight and spent your entire life wearing black dresses, then it is time for you to get a wardrobe makeover. It is time to try dresses in vibrant colors to boost your self-esteem. Red is an excellent choice since it symbolizes passion and youthfulness.

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However, buying plus-sized red dresses is a tricky affair and you must pay attention to certain crucial factors. The fabric is the most important aspect of plus-sized dresses. Fabrics like Lycra will cling to your body, which might be very unflattering, especially around the waistline. On the other hand, fabrics like wool will deprive your dress from getting any curve and this might leave you looking like a blob. So you need to choose your fabric very carefully lace dress .

Most designers prefer cotton or combination-fabrics and lustrous fabrics, such as silk. Combination fabrics are perfect for plus-sized dresses because they always remain true to the design of the dress. So, if the dress has pleats around the waistline, then the pleats will neatly rest along your waistline despite you wearing it time and again.

You must also pay special attention to the shape of the dress. Try to stay away from certain shapes and cuts when buying plus-sized dresses. Avoid dresses that are meant for petite frames. Most over-weight women have extremely flabby waistlines and body-hugging dresses would only accentuate it. High-neck red dresses are also a complete no-no since they will make your bust region look bigger than it actually is. You can try off-shoulder or V-neck dresses in that case. Opting for deep-cut neckline is also a good idea since it will give a bolder impression. Dresses that are well-fitted till the waist area and then take on a free-flowing end are especially complimenting for plus-sized women.

Apart from fabric and shape, the print of the dress is also very important. If you are not keen on wearing a mono-colored red dress, then go for a printed one. However, refrain from polka-dots and horizontal stripes as they will make you look bulkier than you actually are. The ideal print is vertical stripes since they create the illusion of enhanced height, thereby making you look thinner.

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