5 Essential Ways to Build Credibility Through Your Articles

August 7, 2021 by No Comments

When I started article marketing, I received plenty of advice on how to make my writing friendlier to the search engines. Important as that is, there is something even more important that many novice authors, and even some experienced authors, have yet to learn. That is building credibility with readers.

Driving visitors to your website is important, but your readers will not go there unless you are credible. Your goal is to build a relationship of trust and confidence with your readers by providing them with valuable and useful information before asking them for anything. It takes time to form a relationship, which is built one article at a time.

Here are the five essential areas where you have the opportunity to start building a good relationship with your readers:

#1. Pre-sell

Your work should offer useful information to your readers without trying to make a sale. You are pre-selling to your readers. It should not feel like a sales situation to the reader, but be perceived as an information session led by an expert in that field. When you write, you should write as an expert in your field, not as a sales person.

When a reader gets information from a good teacher, he or she feels much more open and relaxed than when a sales person provides the same information. Your goal in your writing is to take the position of the good teacher. You are not trying to make any sales in your articles, but by building reader confidence, you will go a long way towards accomplishing that goal.

#2. Show the reader that you are a real person

People prefer to do business with people they like and trust. Show them that you are a real person by using your name in your resource box and give some basic information about your qualifications as an expert on the topic.

This is psychologically important because it sends a message to the reader telling him or her that you a real human being and that your article is your own work for which you take full responsibility. This prevents a mental barrier being erected in your reader’s mind, which enables you to start building a relationship of trust and confidence with him or her.

Launching straight into a sales pitch in your resource box will send a clear message that you only want to sell to the reader. As soon as he or she has that thought, they erect a mental barrier that prevents any further formation of a relationship.

#3. Obey the ‘Golden Rule’

The golden rule is: always put the needs of the reader first.

A common mistake made by novice authors, and by some authors who ought to know better, is to cram so many keywords into their articles that the quality of the article suffers. Write on the topic of your niche for your human audience. If you write naturally about your area of expertise, your keywords will occur naturally. That is what your readers and the search engines want to see.

Failing to write for your human audience is a lose lose situation. The first way you lose is by losing the reader’s interest. The aim of your prose is to get the reader to go to your resource box. If you lose them before they have there, you cannot get them back. Secondly, the major search engines ufabet.com can spot keyword stuffing and will penalize you for it. Do not let that happen with your articles. When a potential customer sees your article, you have an opportunity to form a connection with them and to build a relationship of trust and confidence.

Article quality should always have precedence over making it friendly to the search engines. If you do that, the search engines will reward you handsomely. It is a win win situation.

#4. Exceed expectations

You must deliver on the title of your article. However, to gain credibility you must give your reader extra value. For example if your article title is “10 Tips for X”, simply listing the ten tips delivers on the promise in the title, but fails to demonstrate your expertise in the field. Add value to your article by adding useful information to each tip.

Impress your readers by being generous with the information you provide. Your articles should be useful to the reader. When you achieve that level of value and helpfulness, your credibility will increase in the eyes of your potential customers.

#5. Be consistent over the long-term

Aim to submit a quality informative article, every week, ideally over the lifetime of your website. Article marketing is not a sprint. It is a way in which you can demonstrate your endurance, reliability, and your continued presence in your niche.

As the benefits of writing articles to promote your business are cumulative, you will achieve best results by submitting articles consistently and regularly over the lifetime of your website. Consistency of purpose shows readers and potential customers that you are a stable person upon whom they can rely. That counts for a lot in any business.

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