RSS – Really Simple Screw-Up

June 10, 2021 by No Comments

RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication”. I obviously haven’t put an RSS feed on my blog site yet because If I had you would see this button on my page! (I need to jump on that!)

The RSS Box (a little orange box with white stripes arching like a rainbow from the top left to the bottom right) would symbolize that I offer a feed of my site that can be sent to a viewer’s RSS reader (usually seen on your browser’s homepage). I use IE (Internet Explorer) and goggle as my email home page, so I can go to my RSS reader (the same symbol you would see in your menu bar in the upper right section of your Google home page) when I log in Black hat forum.

This allows me to see at a glance if my favorite RSS feeds (listing of sites) have been updated. (How nice is that!)

You can also have RSS feeds sent to your blog but I wouldn’t use it as the only content to your sight. If you find something that is relevant to your sight and (it’d be best to get approval from the site you want the feed for on your site) is used to inform your viewers of important info, then go for it.

Wp-o-matic is a plug-in you can install to get a full feed; otherwise most RSS feeds will give you just a snippet or brief description of the content. There is also a black-hat technique you can use to increase sales but because it is frowned upon (“black hat technique” hat), I won’t go into it and I don’t use it.

But if you really must know, just think about it for a bit. I’m sure you can come up with a winning theory! 🙂 If you want to learn more about how to use RSS feeds on your sites for greater benefit, I will leave the nitty-gritty info.for Armand Morin, and other gurus to explain.

Now to tackle part two:I finally went to add my own RSS feed to my blog to make it able to synidate. What you would think is a simple Task for me since I have been able to build a web site, create a forum, and figure out how to make, edit, and place audio on my website pages, has turned into a struggle.

I am sure people will say what?! Go to your wp-admin on your word press blog, click on the design tab section, and then click on the widgets Section. From there click on to “add RSS” feed. You will see it pop up on your sidebar then click the edit tab in the box.

This is exactly where I found trouble! From talking with a friend if you use it sets up the feed for you but if you use, then you need to add your blog feed URL extension, Blog URL, and Blog title. I had no problem coming up with the last two requirement fields, but the last one was a problem. My friend who uses suggested using my blog url and then add /feed at the end because that is what her feed URL stated. So I gave that a try…. “error, feed not recognized”!

So began my frustration and head banging. Well I then went to the “help” section of Now I love Word Press for what you can do with it. But to find out how to do something on this site is a real pain in the hoo, hoo. Under the help section is a large list of topics but no search box, and who wants to spend the time trying to find the information I need? Not me. Granted I am sure all the content is helpful and probably if I read it all I would be so much more enlightened with the uses of But Who has time, I certainly don’t.

Then I went to the forum tab. There I didn’t see much but then, BINGO. I checked out the cloud tag and there was “RSS” in big bold letters. (So many people have been looking up RSS info that the font is much larger than the others!!) I thought I hit the jack pot, but after clicking on that link, my dreams were run over with a double-Mac tractor trailer!

The information that came up on the forum was more people who posted with similar questions and no responses to the questions or I totally had no idea to what the person posting was saying. (I think they were as lost as I was!)

The Google search is always my default answer…all the sites that came up were information to get RSS feeds to your own site such as… if I wanted CNN feed to my site. That is a whole other monster. (if you want info on that let me know, but there are thousands if not more sites that tell you how to do that!) All I wanted to know was what is the extension on my blog url to add the RSS syndication on my site. Now I may be totally dumb. This isn’t much of a stretch.

But I got really lucky! I started ticking off my visits to sites to see if they offered the gift of info. I needed and I came across a site called “Blog Rush'”. As I was looking into the site, I decided to register for the service (which is really AWESOME!) and as I was moving through the registration program. I was intrigued by the tail of a URL I saw there: …../?feed=rss2.

Now I don’t know if this is what everyone should do but I do know that when I added this to my blog URL, I succeeded in setting up my RSS feed syndication on blog.

To overview… For pr places like blogger, I believe all you have to do is go to your dashboard, then to your design section, then click on your widgets tab and then add your RSS option. Then you will no doubt need to add your URL info, your blog title, and your feed URL which, I believe is just the same as your blog URL and then it automatically adds your extension.

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