Nursing Schools Provide As Many Options As Cheap Urbane Scrubs Do

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Do you need the 411 on RNs? After deciding that you indeed want to become a Registered Nurse (RN), the next step is to select a nursing school. Several options are available. You can choose a 2-year program or a 4-year program. You can choose a school near your home, or across the country. You can even decide to specialize in a particular area. Regardless of which choices you make, it is important to make sound ones. Here are some guidelines to help select the perfect nursing school for you:

1. Carefully consider private career schools

These schools oftentimes offer programs to help students become nurses who are licensed and registered. Two important matters to consider are the cost of the schools, and their rates of certification. These schools frequently cost twice as much as state universities and even community colleges.

Another issue is that the admission standards for private career schools tend to be lower than those of other nursing schools. The result is a snowball effect. Due to lower admission standards, the attrition (dropout) rates of these nursing schools can be sky high. This tends to be due to low grades. To compensate for the higher attrition rates, the schools tend to lower their academic standards. Ultimately, the result is that a lower percentage of students pass their corresponding state board exams. The vicious cycle goes on and on, as Paul Simon sings in “Down in Jamaica.”

2. Use state tests as a measure of a school’s effectiveness

For the aforementioned reasons, grades in private career schools tend to be inflated. Do you want a more objective picture about the quality of students from a particular school? Review how many certified RNs it has produced-how many students have passed state nursing tests. It is important o realize that not all private nursing schools provide inferior instruction. However, because the problem is so common, be forewarned!

3. Consider community colleges for 1-2 year programs

Many community colleges have created solid programs that are 1-2 years. One of the main advantages is that nursing degrees from community colleges tend to be much more home rehabilitation affordable, than those at four-year colleges and universities. However, schools can vary in quality. Make sure to research the graduation rates of the schools, as well as figures related to their results on state board exams.

4. Carefully consider moves from practical to RN, and from RN to BSN

It is important to consider the requirements for these upgrades. In particular, ensure that all or most of your credits will transfer to a program at a higher level. For instance, if you want to move from an RN to a BSN, you must first earn an associates degree.

If you want to earn an RN, you have as many options as those who choose cheap urbane scrubs. These options include which type of nursing school to attend. It is important to consider all of your options carefully. Choosing the right nursing school will launch your journey towards a nursing career. Choose wisely!

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