Wakame Diet and Japanese Skincare

June 5, 2021 by No Comments

Japanese skin stands out among all the various shades and colors of races, holding an age resilient beauty that gives it a healthy and firm appearance. Do you wonder about differences between Japanese and western skincare regimes? Do you know why their skin remains youthful for longer?

Diet is the first difference we see between cultures. The Japanese diet is low in sugar, saturated and trans fats. Processed foods are rarely on their menus. Free radicals are 心血管保健食品 suppressed because of their healthy died, limiting numbers produced during metabolism, preventing skin damage. Japanese diet includes raw fish, which is a skincare plus. Vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids, rich resources of omega-3 are contained in this food which are a huge benefit to the skin. The Japanese also have something more than diet that enables them to maintain their youthful countenances.

Kelp is the Japanese secret to good skincare. A species of kelp survives in the Japanese seas called Phytessence Wakame. It is an active ingredient in a variety of skincare products, and can be eaten raw or dried. Its antioxidant properties and its nutritional goodness are a rich source of the B group vitamins. It is also full of important minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and sodium. Do you know how Wakame protects skin? It is a natural sunscreen, good skincare! It saves the skin from accumulating aging-related damage by blocking UV rays that would normally invade skin cells.

The formation of free radicals is held back by the algae, which contains a chemical called sulfated polyfucose, described as an antioxidant that shields skin from environmental pollutants

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