How to Make Voodoo Cake

May 26, 2021 by No Comments

It’s absolutely incredible what types of fantastical cakes one can have made these days. There is a baker in the U.S. who gets some amazing cake requests and comes up with the goods every time, he has a T.V. show which I have just watched.

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One cake was requested for a ‘Voodoo’ themed birthday party so he set to making the main part of the cake with layers of sponge and butter icing measuring 1 metre by 75cm and 20 cm high. This was then covered completely with green icing. When he requires large pieces of icing for covering large areas, he uses an electrically powered icing roller which can produce sheets up to a metre or so wide and practically any length you might ever need wholesale pipes.

In the meantime another member of the team got to work making lengths of bamboo out of icing, with all the details of the shape, texture and colour of bamboo. The lengths that he made were about 40 cm long but when it came to putting it on the cake they were cut into lengths of about 15 cm which was the height of the main base of the cake. These were then stuck all around the base so that it looked like a bamboo platform type of thing. Then a slightly smaller cake was put on top and again covered in green. This made the stage for the centrepiece which was a huge voodoo head made from icing to look like an evil carved wood head. Incorporated into the head was a piece of steel pipe acting as an open mouth. They then put lips made from icing at the front of the pipe so that you didn’t really see it.

The reason they need the pipe was that they had a fire breather coming to the party who was going to stand behind the cake and blow fire through the tube so that it looked like the voodoo man was breathing fire. On each corner of the cake they fixed bamboo oil lamps which were lit when the cake was in situ. On the lower base around the main fire breathing centrepiece, there were various icing replicas of wooden gargoyles and other voodoo themed specimens. There were also two pineapple heads with gargoyle type expressions. The pineapples looked incredibly lifelike and were carefully finished in yellow with touches of orange and green just like a real pineapple. The whole effect was very impressive and the birthday boy was chuffed to bits. He couldn’t believe his eyes especially when the fire breather performed his trick.

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